Each year more than 
179,000 women and 1 million newborn babies die from maternal health and newborn complications in Sub - Saharan Africa. 

The simple fact is that most of these deaths can be prevented

No woman should die while giving life 

With your help the St John International Mother and Baby Programme can stop needless deaths through the presence of healthcare volunteers within communities who can provide basic healthcare check-ups, advice and support.

We are working across Sub-Saharan Africa in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa Zambia and Zimbabwe - where mother and child mortality is among the highest in the world.

Local St John staff and volunteers visit households most in need of support to give advice on healthy pregnancy and post-natal care for newborns, and on developing birth plans to avoid emergencies.

St John collaborates with health authorities to increase health care access for poorer communities.

Mobile outreach clinics operates in remote regions to deliver healthcare facilities and professionals closer to the people that need it most.

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Watch this short video to see how St John is making a difference to saving mothers and babies:

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