There are organisations which shares St John history and values which you may be interested. 

Johanniter International (JOIN) 
A partnership of 16 national charity organisations in Europe and the Middle East. Member organisation provide national and international activities such as Emergency Medical Services, First Aid, Social Care, Youth Work and International Assistance, and services for old, poor and disabled people in need.

Johanniter International Assistance
Committed to the principles of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, their assistance is aimed at all people regardless of their religion, nationality and culture and is not governed by any political interests.
Through their international humanitarian work, they provide primary health care, medical disaster relief and prevention and the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

Sovereign Order of Malta
Working in the field of medical and social care and humanitarian aid, in over 120 countries; they are supported by the diplomatic relations it currently has with 104 nations. 
The Order also runs hospitals, medical centres, day hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly and the disabled, and special centres for the terminally ill. In many countries the Order's volunteer corps provide first aid, social services, emergency and humanitarian interventions. 

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