St John volunteer Winfred is a true hero

Winfred is one of the many St John International volunteers who give their time for free to improve healthcare and save lives in Bulumagi, a poverty stricken area just outside the capital city, Kampala. Working in the Christ the King clinic, she plays a vital part in ensuring the mothers and their babies receive the best possible advice and healthcare under some of the toughest circumstances.

“I have come across many mothers who are bleeding during their pregnancy and sometimes their pregnancy and lives are in immediate danger.”

 But Winfred’s training on how to care for women in pregnancy means she can recognise warning signs and advise the right course of care.

"When I spot the danger signs I can immediately take the women from my community to clinics or refer them to hospitals for examination and to begin treatment which in almost every case saved both the life of the baby and the woman."

Winfred is a true hero to the mothers and babies she helps on a daily basis. But none of her work would be possible without your support.

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