Grace didn't have to give birth alone

It's 2am in the morning and Grace is about to go into labour. She lives in the town of Kauma in Malawi and the nearest clinic is 10 km away. 

Sadly this is the reality for many women in sub Saharan African, and one of the reasons why so many mothers and their babies die.

In Malawi, the lifetime chance of a woman dying from complications during pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 33. This is many times higher than in high income countries - where health care is more readily available and where pregnant women, new mothers and infants rountinely get support they need.

In Kauma, we now have 30 professionally trained St John International volunteers who are passionate about helping mothers and babies and educating whole families in essential maternal and newborn care.

Thanks to them, women like Grace can get advice to know when to go to the clinic or maternity services. They can get support to go for check-ups before labour to ensure that complications are diagnosed.

They can be supported to deliver where there is a trained birth attendant. New mothers can also be followed up at home and in the clinic during the critical phrases after birth when their infant is most at risk 

There are still many more mothers and babies in Africa that need our help:

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