Divisional Officer Francis Sands covers the recent enrolment of new cadets in the Cape of Good Hope, SA.
On Saturday the 23rd of August, Central Cadet Division from Cape Town, South Africa had their official Cadet Enrolment Ceremony at The Parish of St Oswald in Milnerton. The ceremony served as the official to welcome and induction of new cadets into the brigade and celebrated their achievements to date.  The division which is at full capacity attracted over 30 new Cadets to the Ceremony and wrote its self as certainly one of the most memorable days of the Division’s long history.

The cadet movement in South Africa forms a crucial backbone to the volunteer based St John Brigade in the country. Central Cadet Division contributes a dedicated group of volunteers who give freely of their time to assist wherever large crowds gather. Well trained, enthusiastic and able to assist in times of medical emergency, they offer their life saving skills at large and small, sporting and social events around the City of Cape Town.


Central Cadet Division of the Cape of Good Hope District traces its history back to the foundation of the Cape Town Centre in 1887 by Professor Liebmann in Rondebosch and the official formation of the Cadet Movement in South Africa in 1922. The gradual unification of smaller divisions surrounding the Cape Metropolitan area led to the formation of the current Central Cadet Division in 2004. Since formation Central Cadet Division has acted as a centre of excellence within the St John youth program attracting some of the highest calibre of cadets nationwide. The Division has produced 5 District Cadets of the Year and 2 National Cadets of the Year in the last 5 years.


The ceremony itself began with the precession of Clergy, Officers and Cadets to the wonderful tune of Jerusalem. A special message of congratulations was sent directly to the cadets from the Prior for South Africa, the Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, all the way from Hawaii, and is a regular parisher of St Oswald’s. The Enrolment was performed by District Commissioner, Mrs Jacqueline Pittman DStJ. Mrs Pittman, who is also the most long serving active member in the Cape of Good Hope District with 47 years active service, enrolled the cadets with the recital of the Cadet Code of Chivalry, a pledge of loyalty to all the values we as an organisation hold so dear.


An inspiring keynote address pushing cadets to exceed with their time in the cadet programme was made by Priory Officer, Assistant Chief Commissioner (Youth) Ricky Kleinhans CStJ before a large number of Proficiency Badges, Service Badges, Progression Badges, Service Shields, and flashes were awarded to deserving cadets. Certificates for participation and placings in the CoGH District Elimination Competition held earlier this year, where Central teams came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in first aid and 1st in home base care, were also awarded. The afternoon was capped off with a video presentation of the activities of the Central Cadets over the last 7 months to a crowd of over 100 guest.