Baby Jacob from Zambia came within days of dying of malnutrition. His life was saved by Lazarus, a St John Zambia volunteer, visited Jacob and his mother Elina at home. 

Lazarus, like so many other St John International volunteers, is trained to identify danger signs in infants and pregnant women. 

He found Jacob suffering from hunger and malnutrition due to the extreme poverty he was living in.

Thanks to Lazarus, Elina immediately took the boy to a nearby nutrition clinic where she had to return frequently to get her son the nutrition treatment he needed to improve and survive.

Inspired by Lazarus' help, Elina became an advocate for good nutrition in infants, referring her friends to the same clinic and sharing the advice she received. As a result, two of her friends are now taking their children to the nutrition clinic and their malnourished children also subsequently survived.

The early stages of a baby’s life are extremely perilous. It’s vital that parents know how to give the correct care, nutrition and attention in order to ensure a baby survives and grows into a healthy child.

Sadly Jacob's story is not unique. So many parents in rural areas of Africa don’t have access to healthcare awareness and skills to know how to prevent infections and complications in infants, which often prove fatal.

But with your help, we can train more St John International community volunteers to visit and educate mothers, spot the early danger signs, and ensure more lives are saved.

By donating you could help save the life of a baby like Jacob today:

£5 a month
can pay for a bicycle to allow a community volunteer to undertake home healthcare                              visits

£15 a month
can pay to support 12 mothers through pregnancy each year

£50 a month
can pay to train a community health volunteer like Lazarus

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